NANOQUICK® Pebbles White is a professional, environmentally friendly blend of components that is less harmful to the environment than traditional resin or silicone impregnation. It has excellent water retention properties and can be used for many applications, including stones, facades, wall slabs, gabions and more.



You can spend years searching and trying to find a stone impregnation company with a quality product, or you can try our company, which guarantees the highest quality. After all, we have been producing the best impregnation for white stones, which is NANOQUICK® Pebbles White for over 10 years and we know what we do.

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Stone impregnation, who can do it best?

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More than just top-quality paving stones, higher durability, flexibility, commercial advantages and home design are features that are sure to appeal to you. We can even work on outdoor surfaces – terrace puzzles, pool tiles, driveways, sidewalks. You call it that!
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