I use ECCOTON products for curing, impregnation and cleaning. I am an architect and a qualified specialist in the field of waterproofing of external mineral surfaces. I can assure you 100% peace of mind that this product has been developed with safe, according to the criteria of the International Building Regulations, natural products manufactured by experienced professionals who have brought years of experience to ensure that their products are Professional.



Impregnation products working on a self-cleaning mechanism are simple to use and do not leave any additional activities. Just spray a little to soak the surfaces and ready, and one rule to read labels is the basis.


I have been using ECCOTON cleaners for over 18 months and I am very pleased with how clean my surfaces are. Whenever I come to the garden, the paths of the walls are always immaculate! Although these products are a little cheap and I did not trust them at first, in my opinion they are worth every penny.